Saturday, June 5, 2010

4 Quilters

Yikes I am away behind on my entries! One Sunday many moons ago 4 new quilting buddies got together to chat, snack, and yes, even do some sewing. Welcome Elizabeth to our little group! Your crazy quilt drove us crazy with envy. You are a talented lady!!

Since then life has gotten in the way--report cards, committees, coaching, and the never ending battle with "stuff" around the house.THIS TOWNHOUSE DOES NOT HAVE ENOUGH CUPBOARDS!!!
 The only remedy is to downsize the stuff.I downsized the house 3 years ago and now will say goodbye to bins and boxes of unused items (my 2 children are not sentimental AT ALL. They parted with lots and lots of childhood items (toys, books,endless arrays of things. I did pretty well too.)Next step:BIG yard sale in 2 weeks. But for now--a BEAUTIFUL fairy baby quilt to finish for my co-worker. It' s a surprise! SHHHHHH!