Sunday, July 4, 2010

3 or 4 Quilters

Well Monday nights are fun with the "ongoing group". Sometimes we quilt, sometimes we stitch, sometimes we just drink tea. But the companionship is wonderful and the ideas flow like a waterfall........I usually bring some new project or other.....the UFO's lie in wait.......


  1. Well Jan, I popped on over here to see if I can find an email address in order to respond to your questions, because you are a "noreply" when it comes to responding to your comment on my blog. Seems there is no email addy here, and it seems that you are not really into blogging... So... sorry, can't answer...

  2. Thabnk you so much for popping by my blog..and leaving the lovely comment...and groups are the best...

  3. Hi Jan, like the others I'm thanking you for your comment on my blog, but I can't reply to you directly as you are a no reply comment blogger. You are more then welcome in Belfast anytime! Jxo

  4. Jan,
    Contasct Bagette Dad. You have won a bag. Jan 2015.